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Our Arizona clients receive annual reports comparing their existing Medicare plans to all other Medicare plans. Our goal is to ensure everyone is in the lowest cost plan for Arizona Medicare Supplements and Medicare part D Plans.

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Arizona Medicare Supplement Insurance

     When Arizona seniors are shopping for Medicare insurance there are many who are unaware of the low cost Arizona Medicare Supplemental Insurance that is available to them. Statistics show that many Arizona seniors have limited income or living needs that exceed their incomes because they did not receive the proper assistance in choosing their Arizona Medicare plans, whether it be Medicare Prescription or Supplemental. These seniors are paying for an Arizona health insurance plan that is too expensive for them.

    We pride ourselves in helping seniors find the lowest costing Arizona Medicare plan that will also meet all of their needs. If you are interested in speaking to an agent and getting help with finding Arizona Medical Supplement or long term care insurance quotes, please fill out the quote request form and a local agent will contact you. There are different enrollment periods for Arizona seniors to sign up for an Arizona Medicare Supplement or policy, but the best time to purchase your plan is during the 7 month initial coverage enrollment period (ICEP):

This period begins three months prior to your birth month, includes your birth month, and lasts three months after your birth month, in the year of your 65th birthday.
This is also known as your aging enrollment period. To enroll during this time, you must be enrolled in parts A and B.
When enrolling during this period you have the ability to sign up for an Arizona Medicare Supplement or Medigap policy without an insurance company refusing to sell you any Arizona Medigap policy it sells, making you wait for coverage to start, or charging you more for a Medigap policy because of your health problems.

Medicare Supplement Insurance

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